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Naked Chess April 16, 2009

Posted by Jennifer in : art,chess,feminism , trackback

With Dim Mak Films, I created the following video, in which I play chess against a naked man.


The video was inspired by contributing to a new book I wrote on Marcel Duchamp and chess (buy it here!) and this famous photo of Marcel Duchamp playing against a naked woman.

One great thing about playing against a naked man in chess is that there are no pockets for electronic devices, so you can be absolutely sure he is not cheating.

A few other notes on the video, shot at the new studio, Philadelphia Soundstages:

1. I am wearing a corset. I figured it was only fair to introduce a little nudity into my own outfit.

2. The chess pieces are actually naked chess pieces, borrowed for the shoot from thechesspiece.com. Check out a close up of the beauties.

3. The game from the shoot is based on a Duchamp win over E.Smith, one of the 15 games I analyzed in Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess. Contrary to the video, Smith did not play all the way to checkmate; He resigned a couple moves before in a totally lost position.

4. The naked man, Jason Bretz, is nicknamed "Smiley" and I didn’t realize why till after the shoot, as I guess being naked, cold and in a doomed chess position took away some of his natural cheer. 

On Tuesday, May 5, there will be a panel discussion on Duchamp’s chess career at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis, one day before the art exhibit Marcel Duchamp: Chess Master opens at the Saint Louis University Museum of Art (SLUMA). Joining me on the panel will be Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess authors Francis M.Naumann, Dr. Bradley Bailey and Larry List. Larry wrote The Imagery of Chess, Revisited and was a curator for the recent show 32 Pieces in Iceland. Susan Barrett was the mastermind behind getting the event together, and we’re planning some more spectacular art chess events for the Fall. I can only hope that Duchamp would be pleased. 

Some stills from the shoot:


1. Rohan - April 21, 2009

LOL the naked kings of either color do not have a penis!

2. Jimmie Beatty - April 21, 2009

someone has some serious issues here lol

3. Khondakar Nazre Mowla - April 21, 2009


4. El Blanco - April 22, 2009

This is cool Mademoisselle Shahade, a great idea, chess is artistic and needs to be into art, it also needs intelligent ladies with original ideas. Mis mas sinceras felicidades.

5. chessel - April 22, 2009

Nice! I’am sure that Duchamp would have been pleased.
Best wishes

6. Jaspchess - April 24, 2009

I request that they put a photo of Jennifer Shahade undresses this, is better than to see a man desnid.

7. chessart - April 25, 2009


8. Sissy Panty Buns - April 27, 2009

((((Dear Jeniffer,))) I like your corset.. looks expensive and worth it. Was it hard to get fitted? Though my first desire is to see as much as I would show myself, perhaps your welcome venture was more subtle out of a modicum of compassion for weak minded men.Though I notr your opponent got crushed. I, myself am inclined to show off much more of my women’s lingerire, but it’s your blog (so I won’t post any of my panty photos unless you want me to. Love, pantybuns

9. carrie - April 28, 2009

Wow, Jenn, you get the most amazing trolls!

The sound wasn’t synched when I tried to watch it, but that could just be my connection.

10. amazing troll - April 29, 2009

that corset is nice, and I love the way you crush guys

11. Amy - April 30, 2009

Great parody of the famous photo and of the whole CMNF (clothed male, naked female) genre. Good job !

12. Panty Buns - May 9, 2009

Dear Jen, sorry my link was bad before.. struggling with it.. my first try. There’s to photos of me up on the site now (for the moment) in full drag on Halloweens 1988 and 1989 with my Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties showing through my sheer Hanky-Panky brand petticoat. CFNM rocks (rather than the other way around. It amazes me how you seem to instantly know what each chess piece is regardless of what it looks like. It’s hard enough for me with the standard Staunton pieces. (through the USCF). Love, Panty Buns :-)

13. Panty Buns - May 10, 2009

I forgot to add the link- maybe this one will work?

14. Panty Buns - May 10, 2009

Caution: ADULT WOMEN ONLY (my panties show)

15. C-Rex - May 12, 2009


16. AndrewBoldman - June 4, 2009

Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

17. Roger C Schmidt - July 2, 2009

Jennifer is artistically talented and is a wonderful, lovely, and inspirational catalyst who successfully coordinates the past art of Marcel Duchamp with the present interest in modern chess. The world of chess is so much better off because of you, Jen. Thanks for the lift.

18. Enrique - August 12, 2009

I’ve always enjoyed playing chess, but never imagined that one could go nude during the game. Why?

19. BaBits: The Hyper Eve Babitz (I). - August 15, 2009

[...] At the Pasadena Art Museum, and he said he had this great idea that I should play chess naked with Marcel Duchamp and it seem to be such a great idea that it was just like the best idea [...]

20. F.T. - August 17, 2009

I’ve imagined being nude or semi-nude in games against women grandmasters. How could i explain the combination of excitement, learning through being dominated and sightly nervous awe. It appears to this layperson’s eye that there is some handwriting on the famous photograph of Marcel Duchamp and Eve Babitz. It looks something like “+ den gray for la take Frances ne arde pas Marcel.. but my eyesight is not that good and and I doubt
that’s really what it says. Do you know? CFNM chess is a very interesting concept and a true test of whether a genetically born male can appropriately weight the wrong head. There is that genetic flaw to be dealt with. with, but the romantic possibilty that abstract simultaneous grasp of structure can overcome initial mistaken focus.. Naked chess might at a cursory glance might seem superficial, but the lessons learned in separation math from emotion absolutely has to help with a gamesplayer’s development. Here’s to more naked chess. :-)

21. Nude Chess « Tons-Of-Tips Links - August 24, 2009

[...] jennifershahade.com » Naked Chess [...]

22. GaryBoy - September 7, 2009

why isn’t SHE naked? That doesn’t sound like gender equality to me!

23. kevin casey murphy - November 10, 2009

you have said that you are more and more drawn to writing and other mediums to express yourself…as i have stated in my previous missive, i am a musician as well as a chess player, right now, i am concentrating on my writing…please check put my writer’s blog stylusandpapyrus.blogspot.com and let me know your thoughts. there is some historical fiction[ most notably a Ming Dynasty courtesan named Mei-Ling, a short story set in New Orleans that integrates Voodou with jazz, hopefully explaining the origins of both satisfactorily in the course of the narrative, while dispelling the Euro-centric and racial prejudices that have clouded the former. anyway, when you come up for air, let me know your thoughts


Kevin Casey Murphy

24. Enricco - April 16, 2010

Naked Chess is quite interesting. The process invites the players to concentrate on their every move. CFNM is a good tremd in America. Everybody should experience situations like these.

25. Michael McGiveney - April 16, 2010

Chess is so good to experience, indeed it is the best thing that has occured to me in 30 years!!

26. Tao - August 31, 2010

to madam Shahade , your art work , naked chess is interesting and very beautiful , this is power of feminism. If you are going to have a project of artwork again , I can be a naked male model for you for free ,
Chou Tao

27. Jaime Herrera - October 13, 2010

You might be able to beat me but it would take you more than two hours to do it. I’m sure.

28. Kele Perkins - December 31, 2010

I’m no artist — except in the DuChamp sense that “all chessplayers are artists” — but I do know that touch-sensor Chronos clocks don’t respond to being pressed with chess pieces (see the man’s first couple of captures), so … you would’ve won on time anyway, Jen.

29. iskshdsk - September 18, 2011

how I wish both would be nude

30. Andy - October 13, 2011

Would like to see you play aginst a naked woman…

31. Andy - October 13, 2011

Would like to see you play against a naked woman…

32. jennifershahade.com » Naked Chess in Amsterdam - December 4, 2011

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34. Frederick Rhine - January 13, 2012

Sorry, wearing a corset does not make you naked.

35. Perpetual Calendar - May 15, 2012

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[...]the time to read or visit the content or sites we have linked to below the[...]…

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