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Hulachess Cover and Excerpt July 4, 2009

Posted by Jennifer in : art,chess,feminism,hooping , trackback

Hulachess was just featured on the cover of Chess Life Magazine! Check out an excerpt from the full video, where I played the first ever hulachess match against my childhood friend, professional dancer Gabrielle Revlock. The variations we played were based on a game I analyzed for Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess.

I also updated this post with my fox news hula chess TV appearance.





Hulachess excerpt from DIM mak films on Vimeo.


1. Mr. Run-on Sentence - July 5, 2009

Congratulations on your Chess Life cover, article, newscaster and related accomplishments. I checked out your article at Chess Life Online first. It’s interesting to me that despite the initial difficulty with the imparting of the knight move to Gabrielle, one of the games of Marcel Duchamp’s which you had both analyzed and chosen for the Hulachess film started with Gabrielle playing N-f6. I absolutely loved the rhythmic perpetual check and felt like Aqualung (from Jethro Tull) watching it, but keep watching it again anyway. Great video and blog.

2. Mr. Run-on Sentence - July 5, 2009

Oops. I meant N-f3, not N-f6. I still haven’t adjusted to algebraic from descriptive notation even after all these years. So much for my own learning curve.

3. friendly troll - July 17, 2009

When is a queen not a queen? Perhaps never. You did a magnificent job of coordinating the reds in the hula hoop, the chess pieces, your dress (what kind of fabric is that, it looks a little shiny), your lipstick all working together including the stockings and shoes all without clashing. That must have taken some planning. That’s not always easy to do. Is That L’Oreal’s British Redcoat by any chance? That Vimeo hulachess excerpt is hot. :-)

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