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Hulachess & Yoko Ono at the NYC Duchamp show September 10, 2009

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The Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess goes from September 10-October 30 at the Francis Naumann Art Gallery in New York. In addition to a collection of Duchamp’s work, contemporary artists will be featured. This will include hulachess and work by Yoko Ono! Check out an excerpt of hulachess, which I created with Daniel Meirom of DimMak Films and a new review of the book (which will be on sale at the gallery opening) in Frieze magazine.

At the gallery opening, I was also honored to get a chance to play against Grandmaster Lev Alburt on Yoko Ono’s famous chess set, "Play it By Trust." Read more about that and see more photos on Chess Life Online.

I’m also excited about the events scheduled for the U.S. Women’s Championship in Saint Louis from October 3-14. I’m the chair of the organizing committee and will be giving live commentary that will be aired on both the official website and the Internet Chess Club.  To sign up to watch rounds live or for the events below, go to the U.S. Women’s Championship schedule on the CCSCSL website.

Some of the highlights include a jazz concert on Friday night and a FREE Bounty Blitz tournament on October 3, Saturday afternoon, 2 PM at the Contemporary Art Museum. Bounty tournaments are very popular in poker-a bunch of stars play in a tournament that’s open to all, and anyone who knocks out one of the stars gets a special prize. In this case, prizes will include books, free memberships to the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis and chessboards signed by all the participants of the U.S. Women’s Championships. Sign up directly for any events at this link.

Finally A Game of Chance, will take place on October 14 at the Kemper Museum at Washington University.  The game features a merging of roulette and chess that I created with curator Larry List. The idea was inspired by roulette and chess crazed Duchamp’s wish that somehow chess and gambling could meet in the middle. The reigning U.S. Women’s champion, crowned just a day before, will face off against a special guest, and apparently, I will spin the wheel (which will not look at all like the one below). Email me to place sidebets on the knight. 



1. Amy - September 27, 2009

Love the “Play it By Trust” but love the baby-blue Chronos even more ! I hope the show comes to Los Angeles so I can see it.

2. chessx - October 15, 2009

I know this is not the correct post to for this comment,but i had to let you know.
I read your book Chess bitch and thought it an excellent book.
In England i run a Primary School chess club with about 30% girls,and i am always looking to bring more girls into chess.
I am looking forward to your next book.

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